What is Tendermint & How Does it Improve Blockchain Technology?

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Blockchain technology has not only revolutionized the way data is shared and secured, but has gone through considerable updates and changes since its conception. Essentially blockchain enables transactions to be tamperproof and anonymous, putting privacy upfront for the consumer. With this concept, there have been multiple notable efforts for attempting to revolutionize the already revolutionary. Tendermint, or Tendermint Core (which is the official name of the software), is the most notable of them all and has successfully grown into a reliable and influential consensus engine. A consensus engine is a fundamental component of the blockchain system in which it is predominantly used to achieve agreement between multiple nodes in any given decentralized network. This way all participants within that network can see or agree on whether or not the transactions are valid. Therefore, Tendermint Core becomes a more advanced option for developers.

So What is Tendermint Exactly?

Tendermint runs on a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus mechanism. In the case that parts of a network are not functioning properly or not doing the right thing, BFT makes sure that the majority of the network can come to a consensus on what is right. So it’s essentially a safety net for software systems. What’s really important is that the network can act upon the right and correct sequences instead of falling for mistakes or glitches in code or action.

Because of this, Tendermint is incredibly useful, reliable, fast, and easier to implement compared to other blockchain systems. Above all, Tendermint is compatible with many different kinds of software programs. It can even be integrated into multiple versions of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. So all it takes is a developer who knows the code of a blockchain to integrate it into Tendermint software. This is far more easier than manually writing the code from scratch. Despite that, not many cryptocurrencies or blockchains have fully utilized Tendermint. However, cryptocurrencies such as Genixor’s GXR tokens and Ethereum use components of Tendermint to create a more secure and reliable network, as opposed to the usual blockchain technologies.

How Does Tendermint Work?

First it is important to discuss the three layers of blockchain technology that must work together to provide a secure foundation. The first layer is the application layer, this is where users can interact with the decentralized application and have customized transactions (such as in cryptocurrencies). The second layer is the consensus layer, it is like a metaphorical roundtable of nodes where they ‘’discuss’’ and ‘’communicate’’ with one another to find the right solution and to eventually agree on it. The final layer is the networking layer, and this is where the nodes manage to actually connect and even interact with each other based on the protocols of that blockchain system.

Tendermint recognizes the three-layered blockchain system and utilizes a “Proof of Stake’’ consensus. Meaning that the software is able to select any random node once it has been validated, then it will set a purpose to the next block. This way the system of validation and confirmation can happen quicker. Despite the randomization, because the nodes have “agreed’’ upon a right choice, either node can easily produce a valid and speedy transacation as long as they are given purpose.

In terms of compatibility with different software and applications layers, Tendermint works in a way that utilizes a modular architecture design. Having this feature makes Tendermint developer-friendly as it can easily integrate into different blockchains. Modular architecture is like having a set of building blocks in which a person just puts the blocks together to create different structures. However, what makes this system different is that you can add or remove different parts without affecting the entire system. So Tendermint is able to assemble or fix itself without having to rebuild the entire structure.

Similarly, Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI) is also integrated into Tendermint. ABCI is essentially a translator between different languages, it is what lets applications communicate with one another in the blockchain. Therefore it acts as a bridge and converts different software applications so that they may ‘’understand’’ and ‘’communicate’’ with the information within the blockchain. A developer can use a different computer programming language, and ABCI will ‘’translate’’ it correctly so that it can connect to those applications within the blockchain. What’s even more useful is that a developer does not have to know multiple computer programming languages for the system to properly work.

Why is Genixor Unique for Integrating Tendermint?

While Tendermint is a wise choice for many blockchain systems, most cryptocurrencies do not use it. Genixor recognizes its potential and implements a unique model of decentralized consensus. In general, it elevates the user experience. Therefore, by adopting this technology, Genixor not only provides a robust and secure platform but also offers users instant finality of transactions. Unlike other traditional blockchains, where confirmations take time, Genixor’s implementation of Tendermint ensures that transactions are validated rapidly and efficiently. The unique modular architecture of Tendermint itself allows for easier onboarding and faster adaptation, attracting a diverse range of developers and users who are seeking a more seamless and flexible blockchain experience. This innovation positions Genixor as a pioneering force in the blockchain industry, offering a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design.

Genixor’s uniqueness doesn’t solely lie in its application of Tendermint; it goes further by coupling this cutting-edge consensus mechanism with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The fusion of Tendermint with AI algorithms elevates the platform’s capabilities, introducing an unparalleled level of intelligence and adaptability. By harnessing AI within the blockchain framework, Genixor achieves a new standard in efficiency and adaptiveness. The incorporation of AI algorithms with Tendermint’s modular architecture empowers Genixor to offer a platform that ensures secure and fast transaction processing and enhances user experience through intelligent insights and predictive capabilities.

Genixor also provides sophisticated, data-driven solutions for a variety of applications, setting it apart in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

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