Last Call: Seize the Genixor ICO Opportunity Before It’s Too Late

2 min readFeb 11, 2024


ICO Pricing and Potential Returns

  • Current ICO Price: The current ICO price for Genixor tokens is set at $0.40. This correction positions the ICO in a more premium bracket, reflecting the project’s confidence in its value and potential.
  • Listing Price Expectation: The projected listing price for Genixor tokens is $2. This represents a substantial potential return for early investors, highlighting the growth prospects of the project post-ICO.

Investment Incentives

  • 60% Bonus: To further entice early participation, Genixor is offering a 60% bonus on ICO investments. This aggressive bonus strategy is designed to reward early backers generously, amplifying their potential gains from the appreciation of the token value from ICO to listing.

Strategic Highlights of Genixor

Innovative Double-Chain Architecture

  • Genixor’s cutting-edge “double-chain” network architecture is a cornerstone of its technological proposition. It separates block validation, consensus, and transactions between the main chain and subchains, aiming to enhance performance and scalability.

Optimized Peer-to-Peer Protocol

  • The project leverages an optimized P2P protocol with a non-centralized supernode design. This setup supports multiple operators and IPv6, ensuring efficient broadcasting, excellent redundancy, and superior transmission performance.

Token Economics and Community Engagement

  • A robust token economics model is in place to stimulate network governance, foster community engagement, and facilitate efficient management of IoT data and devices. This creates a thriving ecosystem of incentives and rewards, driving both project growth and token value.

Empowerment through Smart Contracts

  • By providing developers with user-friendly smart contracts compatible with EVM and WASM, Genixor empowers the creation of innovative DApps. This support extends to popular programming languages like Solidity, making the platform accessible and cost-effective for developers.


The Genixor ICO presents a compelling opportunity for investors looking to engage with a project poised at the intersection of IoT, AI, and blockchain technology. With a strategic pricing model, significant investment incentives, and a robust technological foundation, Genixor aims to redefine industry standards and deliver substantial value to its stakeholders.

Potential investors are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence, considering the project’s technological merits, market potential, and the inherent risks associated with early-stage investments. The ambitious roadmap and visionary goals of Genixor make it a noteworthy addition to any investment portfolio, especially for those interested in the cutting-edge convergence of blockchain technology with IoT and AI.




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